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Introducing SMS Broadcasts

Introducing Broadcasts to Relext

So finally we have the Broadcast SMS feature available with Relext.

Now you can organize/categorize your contacts in lists and then broadcast to a list. Currently we send out Broadcast SMSs at the rate of 1 sms/ sec. Which in Sync with the Twilio’s SMS sending rate.

So how can you use it? follow the below simple steps :

  • Import contacts
  • Create a List and add contacts to it
  • Cilck on the broadcast icon (in action column similar to volume symbol)
  • Provide a name to your Broadcast, message, select to options whether to Mobile/Phone and enter your from number, thats it.

Currently we are working on following features:

  • Track back for broadcasts using which you can retrieve all the information related to the Broadcast.
  • Subscription based list, through which people can subscribe to your list based on a keyword.

Please try out Relext and its new features here, your feedback is greatly appreciated.